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No longer give you a pension company

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No longer give you a pension company

No longer give you a pension company, or even no pension for your career. This time, the only constant is change.
In the long run, we will all die. So do not worry. The anxious thing is, if I am unemployed tomorrow, what can I do after tomorrow? What else can I do? Do you want to prepare now?
Maintaining a learning attitude, keeping the body tough, maintaining sensitivity to change, maintaining family responsibility, not dying for a little bit of heart, just to work hard, this is a mature middle-aged.Project acceptance has passed the past two years, however, replica mcm backpack to Daqian Town, Ningqian County, Shaanxi Road Project leader Gao Wen has not yet received more than 800,000 yuan arrears, to the end, and I get no money, The salary of more than 30 migrant workers I can not get it. In response, the mayor's answer is domineering , who signed the word, you go looking for ... Now the town no money, I did not Law gave you money.
At the end of each year, the media can always see various pay-for-pay news and ensure the payment of wages for migrant workers. This is not only a hot topic of social concern but also a duty of governments at all levels. However, just a part of the problem of wage arrears, the source of arrears in the government sector engineering payments. This is not a peculiar phenomenon of individual grass-roots government units fake mcm belt nor does it exist now. It is a cliché that has prevailed and lasted for many years. Two years ago, Yan Jiehe, one of China's top wealthy businessmen, sued six local governments to court for their outstanding project arrears.
Why do local government units frequently have arrears of project payments? Some because the project itself has the image of project suspects, in order to performance no money, and then take away their own political achievements, lost to any one after the bad debt; some are diverted by the project deduction, the money spent, holes can not make up; some works Investment overspending, contract 10 million project, the completion of the trial price may be 20 million, the first malicious low bid, do go buckwheat, change the design change budget ... Of course, there are also purely because of the subsequent officials unprofitable Can not afford early, http://www.geizersamara.ru/ dragging is not to give.

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