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For local government units in arrears

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For local government units in arrears

A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued an urgent circular with 12 departments including the NDRC to urge all localities to effectively handle the work of arrears and payments due to the Spring Festival of 2018, and the arrears of construction funds due to the project of local government investment leading to wage arrears.

Limited priority liquidation, to ensure that migrant workers get paid to return to New Year. Failing to implement the regulatory responsibilities, failing to work well and causing replica mcm bags extreme events and serious group incidents due to the arrears of wages of migrant workers will be brought to the relevant departments for serious investigation of the responsibilities of the relevant leaders and responsible personnel.

For local government units in arrears engineering payments, the state can be described as a pattern, but some grass-roots government units, is not implemented. Debt in the face of creditors, mcm backpack replica arrogantly thrown out two words: no money. Black and white contracts, plainly the laws and regulations, repeated notice, it seems that they can not do without them. Before there have been many similar cases, reported by the media, the day to settle the arrears; but before that, no matter how the engineering unit pleaded, dragged on for several years is not to give. The new official ignored the old debt, do not give benefits do not work, such phenomena are quite common.

Whoever signed at that time, who are you going to? This is a textbook Lao Lai discourse in the case of government default arrears. Is there any truth in these words? of course not. Because the grassroots government unit is a legal person organization, it is not the official affairs of any official. As long as the former official is a government representative, the former official remains valid. This is a basic sense of the rule of law, but it is also a minimum contractual spirit. To establish a rule of law in China, we must first create a government under the rule of law. If the town government replies to a debt, replica mcm backpack then letting the creditors look for the former official who signed the bill.
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